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iconHD follows a best-of-breed design approach using industry-leading partners to provide seamless technology integration, prime and subcontracting services, complete structural modeling, and custom fabrication.

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We partner with our architectural team from ICON to assist in creating an immersive experience design for the built environment. From branding design to signage and wayfinding, our team specializes in improving the user’s overall experience once they enter the building. We find ways to integrate technology in a variety of platforms and help the Project Owner understand what is best for their facility.


iconHD offers full project management for a variety of project types. From athletic to commercial buildings, our team partners with project owners, consultants, and more to ensure the construction phase stays on schedule and in budget. Our team assists in helping the Owner develop a budget and schedule that works best for them.

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Our team provides structural steel fabrication that are customized to the client to best fit their needs. Throughout the entire process, we partner with our clients to produce high-quality metal products for their projects. iconHD also offers other cladding and finishes to provide a total solution for our clients.


AV integration has become a key component in a variety of built environments. Our team collaborates with the client to create a customized AV system for their building. Each client and their needs are unique, and we treat them as such. We offer audio systems, architectural lighting, LED lighting, and more. For athletic facilities, we can provide LED and TV video walls, LED scoring systems, videoboards, etc. to enhance the fan atmosphere in arenas, stadiums, or fieldhouses. We also offer technical support and continued service after installation.

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ICON strives to leverage technology to assist with the communication process throughout our projects. An example of this is our use of three-dimensional (3D) visualizations.  With 3D visualizations, we are able to communicate our design intentions to everyone in the design committee, even those who cannot read the traditional design drawings.  3D models and animations bring proposed projects to life with realistic accuracy.  This exciting technology is utilized in almost every ICON project and it has been met with enthusiasm and has helped to inspire many projects.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a type of software and modeling style ICON utilizes to seamlessly bridge between architecture, engineering, and construction industries. With BIM, ICON can effectively and efficiently manage the multitude of information required to bring a modern building from initial concept to completion. Using BIM, ICON can exchange information, create digital representations at all stages of the design and building process, and simulate workflow, increasing both design and construction productivity and improving quality of the final product. Beyond ICON, BIM is also integrated into the design process of our consultants through cloud worksharing to be able to move seamlessly through the project no matter where employees are located.


BIM benefits the client by continuously providing 3D visualizations alongside traditional drawings, allowing the design to be easily understood, and the feeling of a space to be conveyed in a meaningful way. Because ICON is designing and documenting in three-dimensions, a client can see any space or feature at any time, without the need for extensive setup. This form of visualization on the fly helps us convey what a space will look like through images, and animations, and take the guesswork out of translating plans. Beyond just demonstrating the finishes in a room, or the layout of an area, these visualizations also help drive design by allowing ICON to study sun and shading, available daylight in a space, and examine key code requirements.

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