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Stanley City Hall

Stanley, ND

Similar to McKenzie County, the impact of the oil industry brought forward the need for the City of Stanley to acquire an updated City Hall building to accommodate the city’s expanding services. The city departments were in several different buildings throughout the city causing inefficiency for staff and citizens. The project included the construction of a new City Hall building to house all city departments and Council Chambers in downtown Stanley along Main Street. During the design, the team overcame challenges such as environmental hazards that were needed to be removed prior to construction and maximizing the square footage of the site with a one-story build.

The structure is a single-story wood framed building with masonry veneer. There are small ‘bump-outs’ and metal canopies to provide character and define entrances into the building. The new Stanley City Hall was designed to maintain traditional municipal aesthetics but also integrate modern design elements. Construction began in the spring of 2019 and was completed in late spring of 2020.

• Combining city staff and operations in one location
o Auditor
o Planning and zoning
o Assessor
o Police
o Municipal clerk
• Allows space for expansion of city services in the future
• New city council chamber
• Improved street and parking on southside of the lot

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