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Technology Integration/Construction Management


Grand Forks, ND

Project Overview

The University of North Dakota aims to attract the best student-athletes, and understands that player facilities play a large role in the recruitment process. To stay competitive and maintain the first-class quality of one of the premier arenas in the United States, the lower level of the Ralph Englestad Arena needed to be upgraded. Per the recommendation of the coaching staff, the shape and layout of the locker room were changed to an oval to allow for better visibility and easier communication. The updated locker room features LED lighting. Additionally, iconHD was faced with the challenge to create a unique player locker room experience with exhibits, technology, and architectural lighting to serve the players, and users of the arena. To do so, our team created customizations to the LED Flex neon lighting and added an updated audio system that complimented the newly constructed lower level.

Key Facts

• Design Build
• LED Flex neon lighting
• Exhibits
• 6mm halo ribbon around the locker room ceiling used for recruiting motivational quotes and UND Fighting Hawks graphics.

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