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Technology Integration


East Lansing, MI

Project Overview

After the Breslin Center Arena opening in 2017, Michigan State University wanted a multipurpose space to commemorate the University athletics milestones and provide an inclusive, educational environment. The Tom Lizzo Hall of History showcases great player and key moments from Michigan State’s historic basketball program. The space features LED display technology, TV video walls, and murals of past events. When it came to highlighting these features, icon HD turned to Wiedamark for dimmable accent lighting strips. The lighting was selected due to its ability to be integrated into the 0-10V lighting control panel. These lighting accents have proven to be a key factor in developing the museum quality look and feel of the Hall of History and provide the flexibility to enhance the environment for events taking place in the space.

Key Facts

• LED Display Systems
• Integrated Digital and Static Signage
• Custom LED Spartan Head
• Specialty lighting in entry column displays

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