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University of North Dakota Dormitory Interior Renovation and Fire Suppression Projects

Grand Forks, ND

The University of North Dakota chose ICON to help update multiple student dormitories by performing interior renovations and fi re suppression procedures. With the renovations, the dormitories now meet current code regulations, are safer, and allow for a more enjoyable stay for residents. Many of projects were completed within tight timelines to ensure that students could occupy the dormitories by a specifi ed date. Renovations included asbestos abatement, the addition of more study areas, handicap accessible suites, installation of sprinkler systems, with upgraded plumbing.

Buildings include:
• Brannon Hall Fire Suppression and Interior Renovation
• Smith Hall Fire Suppression and Interior Renovation
• McCannell Hall Interior Renovation
• McVey Hall Interior Renovation & Entrance Addition
• Bek Hall Fire Suppression and Interior Renovation
• West Hall Interior Renovation and Entrance Addition
• Johnstone Hall Fire Suppression and Interior Renovation

• Addressed ADA Accessibility issues including entries, bathrooms, door hardware, etc.
• Upgraded Life Safety Systems including sprinklers and fire alarms
• Addressed any Asbestos issues
• Interior renovations included flooring, paint, ceilings, & furniture
• Renovations designed to meet current code regulations
• Project delivery schedule ensured students could occupy by specific times

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