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3rd & Nine

Grand Forks, ND

The downtown area of Grand Forks, ND, like most, is considered the birthplace of the city. Many of the city’s first buildings and homes were built in its proximity. Throughout the years, Downtown Grand Forks became a large hub for activity including dining, entertainment, and recreation, but as time went on, it saw a decline in traffic. With the drop in traction, there was concern for the historic buildings located in the area as businesses looked for improvement of customer interest. The 3rd and Nine building brought an adaptive approach that keeps the historic elements in the project, while reinventing the space within to fit a better need for local business.

The 3rd and Nine building was built in the 1950s as a Simonson Lumber Warehouse, which operated until 2016. Although the building looks different from the original exterior, most of the interior and form were kept intact through the renovation. Instead of one large space, the building was divided into multiple commercial tenant spaces separated with interior walls. Multiple uses and a unique build helped create a diverse set of opportunities for the reinvented space. 3rd and Nine is a project that embodies the need for revitalization, while embracing the past. For many it will be a new opportunity to start their own business, for others it is a preserved memory of what once was.

• Original walls, framing, and wood flooring
• Exposed wood truss systems
• Steel exterior cladding
• Interior masonry wall
• Steel clad roof system
• Multi-tenant building with commercial spaces
• New exterior façade
• Preservation of historical fabric
• High-performing insulation to mitigate heat gain and loss within building

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